Saturday, March 3, 2012

From Abstinence to On Demand

Being myself, as usual I like to make things as complicated and difficult as possible. For whatever reason, I decided that February would be a month of abstinence. You read that correctly. February would mean I could get in touch with my womanly self without being invaded by any man germs. To be terribly honest, I didn't actually get in touch with anything, but I did avoid man germs. With our busy schedule and only seeing each other 2 nights of the week, it wasn't difficult.

Now that March has arrived, it is time to rev things up again, and start to get serious about this baby making. If you've read any TTC chat boards, you might know that love making is referred to as BD, or the baby dance, or some such clap trap ridiculous nonsense. Saying that, I refuse to call it BD and will instead regress to adolescence and simply refer to baby making as doing 'it'.

This month we will be doing 'it' on demand. My demand. My cycle is such that there is no need quite yet, but I like to exercise my rights once in a while to make sure where the balance of power lies. So far, the scales are tipping to me, and hopefully this will continue for the rest of the month.

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