Thursday, March 1, 2012

March = Make a Baby Month

It has been long awaited, but March is finally here!

A little background: March is the official "Time To Get Preggers" month. I couldn't be more excited! I have been waiting for this month for a long, long time. About two years to be exact. Back when I turned 30 my biological clock started ticking rather loudly, and I started pestering my husband. He. Said. No. It took a lot of pleading, angry silences and finally I think he is ready to make a go of this.

I have decided to write out my feelings during this tumultuous period in an effort to a)not bother him so much, b)remember what this time was like and c)share with family and strangers.

Unfortunately for me, my cycle is such that any actual "Baby Making" is not going to be physiologically possible until the end of the month, which means that the current two week wait that I'm in will be my last definitely not pregnant. I'm trying to enjoy it by drinking copious amounts of wine and caffeinated beverages.

Like all planners, I am expecting life to follow what I want. We all know that rarely happens but one never knows! Think positive thoughts for me!

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