Monday, March 4, 2013

3 months and only sleeps 3 hours

Sleep is the new gin and tonic. Its what I want after a long bout of crying (from the baby), its what I want before, during and after a meal. It is something that I sit here and wish for, knowing how elusive it is and that it may never come, or if it does come, it will be disappointingly tiny. Like 5 minutes when you want 10 hours. Fortunately for me, I'm going to Texas next week and my mother will help out (a lot). I am planning to catch up on my sleep deficit while there but until then... My little 3 month old only sleeps for 3 hour stretches at night. Her sleep record was 5 hours, 38 minutes (or was that 4 hours, 38 minutes? - too tired to remember). That seems like ages ago. Now I put her down at 7:30ish, she is up at 8:30, 9:30 then will sleep until midnight or 1am. Then, every three hours more boob. This is the price I am paying for wanting a baby. Who knew it would be like this? I read tales of moms with darlings who already sleep through the night. Bully for them. This little Mun-Mun refuses and so here I sit, whining about no sleep.

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