Monday, April 8, 2013

Flying with a Baby

So when I went to Texas with little Mun Mun she was 3 1/2 months on the way there, and 4 months on the way back. It was 4 flights in total, 2 on the way there and 2 on the way back. Each flight was relatively short (1 1/2 hours and 2 hours), with an hour layover in between.

I had read some advice before flying and took her onboard in an ergo so that my hands would be free. I chose aisle seats on the way there so that I could walk the aisles if necessary (it actually wasn't - holding her the entire time did the trick). Also, the flights were packed, so if I needed a diaper change then I could easily get to the bathroom.

And here's the thing. Nobody told me, but airplanes are a laxative. On each flight (except the final one) Mun Mun took a giant poop about 15 minutes after take off. Unluckily for me, the first one breached the diaper and I was forced to do a complete clothing change in the tiny (first class!) bathroom that didn't have a change table. The little one was screaming the entire time, balanced on the closed toilet seat lid while I wrestled her into a new sleeper. Poor thing. She did eventually fall asleep, and before that she was a little fussy, so the awesome, grandmothery type sitting in the window seat offered to hold her for a few minutes. Grateful, I handed her over and relaxed for five minutes.

The sort of low point was when the man across from me in the aisle asked the flight attendant not so quietly if he could have another seat. As the plane was packed, that wasn't an option. Not so quiet myself, I exclaimed to Mun Mun "Nobody wants to sit beside you!" and the man was very nice to me for the rest of the flight.

The high point was meeting all of the lovely people who travel. Never before have I talked with every single person on the plane within shouting distance. I swear, they all knew our story, where we were headed, how old the baby was, etc, etc. It was so different. And so nice. Everyone was really supportive and loves babies.

So now it is time to do it again. Next week: NYC.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Cold Turkey - Breaking the Swaddle Habit: Night 3

I wanted to proclaim that yes, the third night was miraculous and my child slept right through the night, blissful and swaddle free, floating on an endless cloud of dreams.

At 11:30 when she first woke up, then wouldn't settle for 1 hour, I felt that proclamation slipping away, to be replaced by some defeatist nonsense about how my baby would never, ever sleep again.

And then she slept.

And woke once at 3, and I fed her.

And then she woke again. I thought "Oh Fuck", then looked at the clock. It was 6:45, time to wake up.

I honestly, finally, got more than an hour between wake ups! My husband practically slept the entire night!

However, there is a caveat. We had given her baby tylenol at about midnight because she had had two shots in the morning.

So was it the drugs? Or has she settled into her more normal routine?

Only time will tell.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cold Turkey - Breaking the Swaddle Habit Night 2

For some reason we had convinced ourselves that the second night without the swaddle would be better.

We were wrong.

The reason we had such high hopes was that little Mun Mun slept pretty well from 7-11, with only a few brief and easily soothed wakeups.

After that, it was every hour on the nose. And not just any kind of soothing would do. She wailed! She wanted the boob! Both my husband and I are starting to see the benefits of duct tape...

Well, she had her 4 month immunizations today so hopefully they will make her extra sleepy and we will get through the night with less than 7 (7!) wake ups. Can one call them a "wake up" when one didn't actually get any sleep in between???

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cold Turkey - Breaking the Swaddle Habit Night 1

Mun Mun has become an escape artist from her swaddle, to the point that she would break free at every available opportunity. At first it was just the Swaddleme, but now she can also wiggle worm her way out of the miracle blanket. While I had read about the possibility of the double swaddle, using a tensor bandage or yes, even duct tape, none of those alternatives sounded right to me or my husband so yesterday I made the executive decision to go cold turkey and plop her in a sleep sack for the night.

Of course, it was my school night, so my husband got to be the lucky one to put her to bed in her new sleeping garment.

It started out with her waking, oh, every 6 minutes or so, startling herself awake with her little scorpion hands. This settled after a while and he got a good hour out of her until I came home, the dogs barked, and she of course cried out mournfully.

There was another good section from 12-2:30, but from 2:30 to 4:30, sleep was absolutely not happening. It didn't help that her diaper was so wet and full that it started leaking and I had to change her. Mun Mun thought this meant it was time to wake up and have a conversation. Oh my.

Well, I don't feel as sleep deprived today as I should. I did manage a hard 1 hour nap in the morning, after (and this is hard to admit) losing my temper at my dog and spraying her about 70 times with the water bottle we keep for when she barks. And I may or may not have said the word "SLEEP" to my daughter a little more harshly than I should have.

But after that rough patch, today went off without a hitch and I am looking forward to tonight. Lets hope it is a little better for the three of us.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Texas Texas!

We've just been for a vacation down to Texas for the past 2 1/2 weeks. Supposedly, I had more help there via Grandma, Grandad and Great Grandma but as you can see, no blog posts got done. And I came back more exhausted than when I left!

Here's why: Old people are loud! I kept telling my mother this. Maybe they are going a little deaf. Maybe they have forgotten what it is like to have  a sleeping baby in the house, or maybe they just kept forgetting not to slam doors. In any event, getting the baby to sleep every nap time was a bit of a nightmare.

We really had a great time, though, the weather was fantastic and little Mun Mun was able to go out without lots of padding and jackets, etc.

She saw her first hummingbird, and got a whole lot of quality time with Grandad and Great Grandma, who disturbingly keeps talking about how she doesn't have much time left...

I would go back for a visit in a heartbeat, sadly we won't see them again until August. We can't wait!