Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cold Turkey - Breaking the Swaddle Habit Night 1

Mun Mun has become an escape artist from her swaddle, to the point that she would break free at every available opportunity. At first it was just the Swaddleme, but now she can also wiggle worm her way out of the miracle blanket. While I had read about the possibility of the double swaddle, using a tensor bandage or yes, even duct tape, none of those alternatives sounded right to me or my husband so yesterday I made the executive decision to go cold turkey and plop her in a sleep sack for the night.

Of course, it was my school night, so my husband got to be the lucky one to put her to bed in her new sleeping garment.

It started out with her waking, oh, every 6 minutes or so, startling herself awake with her little scorpion hands. This settled after a while and he got a good hour out of her until I came home, the dogs barked, and she of course cried out mournfully.

There was another good section from 12-2:30, but from 2:30 to 4:30, sleep was absolutely not happening. It didn't help that her diaper was so wet and full that it started leaking and I had to change her. Mun Mun thought this meant it was time to wake up and have a conversation. Oh my.

Well, I don't feel as sleep deprived today as I should. I did manage a hard 1 hour nap in the morning, after (and this is hard to admit) losing my temper at my dog and spraying her about 70 times with the water bottle we keep for when she barks. And I may or may not have said the word "SLEEP" to my daughter a little more harshly than I should have.

But after that rough patch, today went off without a hitch and I am looking forward to tonight. Lets hope it is a little better for the three of us.

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