Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cold Turkey - Breaking the Swaddle Habit Night 2

For some reason we had convinced ourselves that the second night without the swaddle would be better.

We were wrong.

The reason we had such high hopes was that little Mun Mun slept pretty well from 7-11, with only a few brief and easily soothed wakeups.

After that, it was every hour on the nose. And not just any kind of soothing would do. She wailed! She wanted the boob! Both my husband and I are starting to see the benefits of duct tape...

Well, she had her 4 month immunizations today so hopefully they will make her extra sleepy and we will get through the night with less than 7 (7!) wake ups. Can one call them a "wake up" when one didn't actually get any sleep in between???

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