Friday, April 5, 2013

Cold Turkey - Breaking the Swaddle Habit: Night 3

I wanted to proclaim that yes, the third night was miraculous and my child slept right through the night, blissful and swaddle free, floating on an endless cloud of dreams.

At 11:30 when she first woke up, then wouldn't settle for 1 hour, I felt that proclamation slipping away, to be replaced by some defeatist nonsense about how my baby would never, ever sleep again.

And then she slept.

And woke once at 3, and I fed her.

And then she woke again. I thought "Oh Fuck", then looked at the clock. It was 6:45, time to wake up.

I honestly, finally, got more than an hour between wake ups! My husband practically slept the entire night!

However, there is a caveat. We had given her baby tylenol at about midnight because she had had two shots in the morning.

So was it the drugs? Or has she settled into her more normal routine?

Only time will tell.

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