Monday, April 8, 2013

Flying with a Baby

So when I went to Texas with little Mun Mun she was 3 1/2 months on the way there, and 4 months on the way back. It was 4 flights in total, 2 on the way there and 2 on the way back. Each flight was relatively short (1 1/2 hours and 2 hours), with an hour layover in between.

I had read some advice before flying and took her onboard in an ergo so that my hands would be free. I chose aisle seats on the way there so that I could walk the aisles if necessary (it actually wasn't - holding her the entire time did the trick). Also, the flights were packed, so if I needed a diaper change then I could easily get to the bathroom.

And here's the thing. Nobody told me, but airplanes are a laxative. On each flight (except the final one) Mun Mun took a giant poop about 15 minutes after take off. Unluckily for me, the first one breached the diaper and I was forced to do a complete clothing change in the tiny (first class!) bathroom that didn't have a change table. The little one was screaming the entire time, balanced on the closed toilet seat lid while I wrestled her into a new sleeper. Poor thing. She did eventually fall asleep, and before that she was a little fussy, so the awesome, grandmothery type sitting in the window seat offered to hold her for a few minutes. Grateful, I handed her over and relaxed for five minutes.

The sort of low point was when the man across from me in the aisle asked the flight attendant not so quietly if he could have another seat. As the plane was packed, that wasn't an option. Not so quiet myself, I exclaimed to Mun Mun "Nobody wants to sit beside you!" and the man was very nice to me for the rest of the flight.

The high point was meeting all of the lovely people who travel. Never before have I talked with every single person on the plane within shouting distance. I swear, they all knew our story, where we were headed, how old the baby was, etc, etc. It was so different. And so nice. Everyone was really supportive and loves babies.

So now it is time to do it again. Next week: NYC.

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