Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Night Weaning Saga Continues

I know I know. I posted 2 months ago about night weaning. Well, M has not been night weaned. Nope. How? Why not? I wish I knew. There was some sickness, some weakness of resolve, I suppose. And now I've been back at work for 1 month and am exhausted, sick, and not having any more of it.

I am getting every cold, fever, tummy bug and bout of diarrhea that has ever existed in M's daycare. I feel my immune system is shot because I don't sleep enough. So night weaning. For reals this time.

Its going ok. She is still waking at night but my husband is going in. The first time she wakes, he is the one to sooth her to sleep. Generally, the second time she wakes is close enough to my makeup time (5:30am) that I can bring her into bed for a nursing session before I need to shower and get ready for work.

Again, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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