Sunday, January 12, 2014 Randomness Reveal

Sometimes I can't help myself, and I go ahead and order the randomness box. So far, I think I have ordered 4, and it is the latest one that I am about to reveal! I ordered it just before Christmas and received it a few days ago. I ordered the girl randomness, which I always have. I have been too afraid to order the mama randomness in case there were things that wouldn't fit me, or I wouldn't like, etc. Most of the stuff I see for mamas on the site are not really my thing, anyways.

In the past, I have liked my randomness box. One time I got a Nutcase helmet! It is too big for little M, but she will grow into it, and it was super nice.

This time, well… Let's break it down.

1 Set of Gimme Clips. They are blue flowers, and are cute. On the Gimme Clips website, they retail for $3.99, while usually sells them for $1.

1 pair of Jeffries tights. These are pale pink footless tights. By some miracle, they are the perfect size for M right now. She will wear these. The price on the tights is $8.00. I have never noticed how much sells them for. I have received Jeffries tights in 2 other randomness boxes, but they have always been much too big, so they are in storage until M grows into them.

1 pair of Jeffries socks (not pictured). These are white with dots, size 6-11. Way too big for M, but very cute and will be worn one day. There is no price tag, so we will assume they are about $8.00 as well.

1 "Grow your own Wildflower" bag. It reads "Merry Christmas Grandma" on it. It looks like a cute gift for grandma, but not so much for a small child. I went to, and these bags are 4 for $19.80, so $4.95 each.

1 reusable snack bag. It is a nice pattern, but only has a small velcro closure at the top. The closure does not go all the way across, so you couldn't put anything in here that is smaller than the openings on either side of the velcro, which are quite large. Even if you put a sandwich in the bag, crumbs and other bits would easily come out. I'm not sure what I could use this for… maybe as a bag for diaper cream? I am not sure how much this would retail for, but it couldn't be more than $5.00.

1 pair of Rugged Bear shoes, size 3 (6-9 months). These are a cute pair of shoes, but unfortunately too small for M. The price tag reads $16.00, but I am sure you can get them on sale for less. I have seen this brand at Winners as well.

1 Mon Petit Mardi pocket diaper. This is the first pocket diaper I have ever used. It is hot pink and came with 2 inserts. I'm more of an unbleached cotton kind of girl, and these are ultrawhite microfiber, but they seem to work just fine. Their website sells them for $31.99, but I have seen threads claiming they are just super marked up Alva diapers, which can normally be bought for $6.99. Mamabargains sells these for around $10, I believe. There is no way I would pay $31.99 for this diaper. If I was to spend that kind of money, I could get a much nicer, organic, ecofriendly one made locally, not a cheapie one mass produced in China.

Summary:     Clips…………$3.99
                     Flower Bag….$4.95
                     Snack bag……$5.00
Adding up to a grand total of $77.93.
While I realize that I estimated the cost of the snack bag, it may very well sell for about $8, so the value of the bag could have been $80. Mamabargains says that the retail value of the bags should be $80. This one was, but it doesn't stop me from being a little disappointed. I paid $23 for the bag, plus $10 shipping, and this stuff seems like it was at least worth $33, though I won't use the shoes and am indifferent to the snack bag and the flower thing. Will that stop me from buying another? Maybe, maybe not. I can't seem to resist these mystery bags… I'm a sucker for a surprise.
Now, to make this long post even longer, I have decided to giveaway the Rugged Bear shoes to one lucky reader. My readership is not so great right now, so if nobody wants them, I will donate them to charity. In order to win, you must comment on this post. Have you ever ordered a mystery box? Did it live up to your expectations? What site did you order it from?

Please note, I will only ship to Canada or the US.

Also note: I was not given anything for this review, all opinions are my own.

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  1. Honestly, I have never ordered a mystery box. My personality is just not a great fit with taking chances! Thanks for the chance to win! Alternate email

  2. Ive done the julep mystery boxes- loved it!

  3. I have never ordered a mystery box. I want to get the bark box for my dogs but I havent signed up for that either

  4. I ordered a mystery bag from Modcloth and it was mehhh.

  5. I've never ordered a mystery box; I like to know what I'm spending my money on!