Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Poor, Sick, Feverish Baby

It is so heartbreaking when your baby is sick. Little M has a chesty cough, a runny nose, and is spiking a fever. She usually gets pretty high fevers when she gets sick - 102 or 103 degrees, but she is also pretty resilient. She plays right through them. It's me who gets so freaked out and stressed. She just looks at me, then brings me another book to read her.

We took her to daycare yesterday because in the morning her fever had broken and her temperature was normal. Am I the worst mother ever for taking a sick baby to daycare? Well, her friend little P was also already there, and he was sick too. He wasn't playing through it, he was listless and laying on a pillow, poor little guy.

After her nap her temperature shot up. I have an amazing daycare that will administer Tylenol, so they gave her a dose and gave me a call. I went in and got her. She seemed fine for the rest of the evening but pretty restless all night. I ended up nursing her a few times at night, which calmed her right down, and we slept in until 8 (please note: this has NEVER EVER happened before. I know she is sick, but I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth).

This morning she woke with a fever, so my husband and I stayed home with her for a few hours. Once again, the fever broke and we made the decision to take her to daycare. Are we the worst parents ever? Have you taken your sick child to daycare? I know it is a tough decision, but she was happy and playing like her usual self. So we decided to take her, and I will go get her if she gets another fever. Fingers crossed she stays cool!

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