Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sears Portrait Studio

I took little M to the Sears Portrait Studio this weekend. I had bought a groupon - $35 for six sheets of prints, with a choice of 6 poses, plus 50% off anything else I wanted to order. I thought it was a pretty good deal, so off we went. Little monkey had a pretty good time, but the photographer was really in her face, and so for the first half of the session M was unsure. Her expressions were cute, but not the big smiles we are accustomed to.
I think the photographer might have taken one shot where you could see her teeth, but that was it. Oh well, she took 68 photos, which is pretty good, and 3 different backgrounds. Last time we went we only got the white background, but had 3 clothing changes. This time we didn't change clothes, but that was OK with me.
The one beef I had was that the photographer seemed to be in a huge rush. Now, I could totally understand if there were people waiting on us, but the place was deserted. Absolutely empty. Except for us. So what was the deal?
I ended up purchasing a framed photo of M's face close up, it was just so blasted cute and we don't have any framed photos of her at all in the house (bad parents? or just lazy?). It will come in 4 weeks, and hopefully, I won't regret getting it!

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