Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stinking Diaper Covers

I'm having a cloth diaper problem.

Stinking covers.

They smell so bad it makes me cringe. It smells worse than urine, more uriney poopy awfulness. And the worst part is that they stink coming out of the dryer. So after all the rinse, wash rinse cycles, they still smell terrible.

The actual cloth part of the diapers smell fine.

So this morning, we sent M to daycare with disposables. And I set about researching what to do about stinky diaper covers.

I didn't find too much… either I was using too much soap or too little soap. So I washed them once without soap. And they still stank. So I washed them again with more soap, and that seemed to work. Except for one cover and one cloth diaper. They must have been the culprit! The bad apples, so to speak, making all of the other diapers reek.

I made the executive decision to keep washing that particular cover and diaper, for at least a few more cycles.

If the smell doesn't leave… I'm going to stick them in the backyard. They should keep the raccoons away.

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