Sunday, February 16, 2014

Ayurvedic Rituals Spa Review (Toronto)

Valentines weekend couldn't be better! Last night I was showered with gifts - thai takeout, Godiva chocolates and blood orange mimosas. I wasn't too keen on the mimosas, but when made with freshly squeezed blood orange juice - delicious! Plus, the color makes for an excellent Valentine's day drink.

Then yesterday, as a Christmas gift to myself and a friend, a facial and massage was the plan. We had a groupon from Ayurvedic Rituals spa on Bathurst and Dupont. And as you may recall from previous posts, I love using groupons! It was the best reviewed spa that I could find that had a groupon for sale around Christmas, and though I've never had any Ayurvedic treatments, I was confident that it would be amazing.

And it was. Absolutely and sinfully the most incredible pampering experience of my life.

It started with a sensory exploration - we had to choose the scent that spoke most to us. The therapist told us that we would know which was right for us for that day. And I did. The other scents smelled OK, but the Shiva scent smelled so perfect that I knew it was right for me. Ayurveda is all about  aromatherapy and whichever scent you choose sort of describes what you need to work on that day.

The facial included a scalp massage, as well as an upper back and neck massage. The therapist used warm olive oil generously to massage my body and it felt like heaven. It felt like a warm bath of oil and I felt cocooned and safe and completely, utterly relaxed. The facial itself was remarkable - they make their own cleanser, exfoliating powder and moisturizer so you know they are fresh and natural. Based on my skin type, they also applied fresh natural plain yogurt to my face to help with the redness and breakouts.

Afterwards, they provide a consultation which tells you what to eat for your body type, as well as a skin care routine that would be best for you. She doesn't hard sell her products, and for me recommended only the cleanser and moisturizer as well as the occasional application of yogurt.

Would I go back? In a heartbeat! And so would my friend. In fact, we are planning to go back before the end of March. I am already counting down the days. If you need a spa to go to in Toronto... this is the one, I'm telling you.

**Full disclosure: I was not paid anything to write this review. All opinions are my own. This post does contain a groupon affiliate link**

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