Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How to Get your Toddler to Eat: Part 2

M wouldn't eat tonight. Apparently she wouldn't eat today at daycare either.

Nobody knows why. She seemed happy and full of energy and not in any visible discomfort.

We offered her crackers: no.

We offered her puffs: no.

We offered her cheese: no.

We offered her bananas: no.

We made her favourite dish, vegetable risotto: no.

We gave up feeding her and gave her a bath. After the bath, she ran around upstairs naked as a jaybird. She climbed up onto the rocking chair and laughed with glee.

We offered her risotto one last time: success! About 10 bites went into her before the final preparations for sleep began.

Now we know what to do when she won't eat - strip her down!! (Maybe she didn't want to get her outfit dirty... can you blame her?)

M is wearing a Lucky Brand poncho and leggings, and is reading Snug by Carol Thompson


  1. Do you think that would work at daycare? "Could you please strip her naked for each meal? Thanks!"

  2. I am dealing with two little picky eaters these days so this post caught my eye! I'm thinking of doing a series about feeding toddlers! It is an experience all on its own for sure!