Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ill Prepared Mommy Tip #1

And now for a new segment I'd like to call Ill Prepared Mommy Tips.

For this inaugural post, I will start with a little something that happened today: bright sunintheeyes. What? No baby shades? Only a brimless hat? Never fear, flexible mamas, just grab the sunglasses of the nearest Dad/Uncle/Grandpa who happens to be with you, then plop them on your child's face. In 1 second flat your little angel will stop their wailing mid-scream, look befuddled, then turn on the charm for a red-carpet worthy photo- op!

M is being sunned in a Cosatto stroller and is sporting an Osh  Kosh hat, Patagonia jacket and  Oakley shades. 

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