Thursday, February 6, 2014

On Fitness

It's been a long time coming, and I have definitively decided that I want to reduce the pooch - the tummy pooch that resides over the top of my jeans. I'd like to shrink it down to at least half it's size. I feel like that is doable. I feel like if I get rid of it all together, I'd be missing a part of myself, right?

So aside from diet (yep, still doing the old visualizing with the Gabriel Method), I have also undertaken the Bikini Body Mommy challenge. It is a 90 day challenge, which I think started at the beginning of January, but I started two days ago.  The woman who does the program is pretty amazing - she just had her 4th child and wants to lose the baby weight, and is helping everyone else out by posting her workouts. She is very inspiring, and very real. She struggles at the end of the workout just like I do.

Even though I'm only on day 3.

And I can barely walk. My butt, thighs and stomach hurt something fierce. But at least it's targeting the right areas! That is undeniable! My butt, however, feels otherwise and is protesting in pain. But I will persevere!

Actually, I am putting off workout number 3 in favour of blogging.

Also, my husband is downstairs watching Suits, which is just icky. I hate that show, and don't want to work out anywhere near it. In fact, I made my husband turn it off yesterday and instead of watching TV, he had to cheer me on while I did squat jumps.

Speaking of squat jumps. My body actually told me this morning that it already feels bikini ready, so I really don't need to do anymore squat jumps.

Also, doing 20 is impossible. By the third set yesterday, I could only make it to 8 before collapsing on the mat, my legs a pile of jelly. One cannot jump on jelly.

Anyhow, I will keep you posted on my progress, though I categorically refuse to post any before/after pictures, especially not in a bikini... I'll leave that to your imagination!

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  1. Getting the momentum is half the battle. YOu can do it!! Thanks for linking up with us at KWU!

  2. Good luck with that fitness program! I am sure you will get through it all and achieve the bikini body that you want. Have a terrific weekend!