Saturday, February 1, 2014

Room Shoes!

Slippers and bath salts, bath salts and slippers. These are a few of my favourite things!

Room Shoes and Bath Salts. Direct from Japancakes. 
Luckily, I have an amazing friend in Japan who sent me these for my birthday. It was fortuitous, as I have been wearing my husband's slippers around the house (not to mention they are kind of gross and damp in the toe region), and I am also plumb out of bath salts (haha).

Now, the bath salts are definitely a Japanese import. I have been unable to find anything like them anywhere in Canada or the US. Japan is really the best place in the entire universe to buy bath salts. They are the bath salt capital of the universe. They are the top producing country in the galaxy. I kid you not. Need bath salts? Book yourself a long flight and prepare to be salted!

As for the room shoes.
They are from Uni Qlo. They actually have stores in the US, and you can get your very own pair of room shoes online! They cost $12.90, and you pay $7 shipping if you spend less than $75. The sad thing is, folks, they do not ship to Canada. Why does nobody ship to Canada? Why do we have to wait years and years and years for stores to come to us? It saddens me. (Rant over). If you by chance have friends in the states, I highly recommend you get some of these slippers. They rock.

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  1. The shoes look great. Sorry no one ships to Canada. I know the feeling, since I live in Egypt.
    # socialmediasaturday I don't tweet or pin, but I followed with bloglovin. Have a great weekend!