Monday, February 24, 2014

Washing and Washing: Cloth Diapers

A while ago I posted about the stink in my cloth diapers. Well, ladies, the stink is not a-lingering! It has been completely eradicated. The entire house is thankful. Even the neighbours are thankful. As well as the bus driver. The world really is full of thankful people. I digress.

I can't really blame anything but the change I made in regards to my laundry soap.

I recently switched from Nellie's (which admittedly, I really really liked), to the Laundry Tarts unscented powder. Though it claims to be unscented, there is a modicum of smell to it, and the ingredients actually say something to that effect (I would quote the package, but I have thrown it away as I poured the soap into a metal container I keep for that purpose).

Now, my cloth diapers are fresh smelling, soft and absorbent.

M's bottom is rash free and pinch-worthy.

And I still have to wash the diapers every other day... maybe every third day if I'm feeling particularly lazy.

To be honest, when am I not feeling lazy? Oh yeah, when I actually get to sleep. Thank you new teeth (bringing M's official tooth count up to 8). I am thankful for teeth, I am. They help us eat.

Good night.

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