Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 - Obsessed!!

I absolutely have to blog about this... I can't stop thinking about this flight and what happened to it. It is my google obsession. I have been poring over Tomnod's satellite images hoping to find the debris. Me and thousands of others, apparently.

How can something so big just disappear?

My work friend thinks it was scooped up by Aliens. He's travelling to Turkey this weekend and has hinted that he wouldn't mind too much if his flight was taken by aliens... to a place with beautiful weather and lots of delicious food. To be honest, if an Alien wanted to take me somewhere like that I'd go in a heartbeat...

All fun aside, I have a huge emotional reaction every time I think about what might have happened. I really don't think that anyone is alive. I think about the infants on the plane, how their lives are over before they've barely begun. I think about the parents on the plane whose children will forever live in a world without their parents. I think about all of the people left behind who won't have any closure until the mystery is solved.

I think that becoming a parent really changes one's perspective on life. I don't think I would feel this way if I didn't have children. I find myself worrying more about little M and hoping against hope that we won't have to live through a tragedy like this.

I feel for those families, and hope they find that plane soon.

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  1. Yeah, I pretty much became a basket case after M was born. I get the shakes from just spotting a newspaper lying on a table (not really, but yeah kind of).