Monday, March 31, 2014

Sprouts Playground Toronto Review

We finally made it to Sprouts playground at Queen and Carlaw. It being so close, I really wonder what took us so long to get there. Super close, the first visit is free, and might I add, it is an amazing playground.

First of all, it is a very spacious and clean facility, with ample stroller parking indoors, and lots of hangers for coats. There is also plenty of space to put your shoes before heading in to the play area. Did I mention the first visit is free? Just fill in a bit of paperwork, and your child is off to burn copious amounts of energy.

Before getting to the playground, I also feel compelled to mention the free (yes, free!) hot beverage machine for the adults. Not just free coffee, but good coffee. They have a swanky starbucks machine that serves up caff, decaf, cocoa and tea for the (exhausted) adults. Plus they provide spill proof mugs to take with you into the playground. For the kids they have sippy cups in all kinds of adorable colours. M had a bit of an issue getting water out fast enough, so she lugged hers around with her all over the playground, taking a swig here and there.

The playground itself is filled with wooden structures, trampolines, Nook play mats, and Wesco rocking toys. There are several slides, and lots of structures to crawl through and around. Also, there were no shortage of kids to play with. We arrived at 9am on a Sunday and we weren't the only ones. M had a blast trying to hug many of them, and she particularly enjoyed trying to climb up the slides. We also let her slide down by herself for the first time. Adorable!

If you are in Toronto, and are on the fence about trying this place, I highly recommend getting off that fence and checking it out... your kids will love you for it!

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