Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lil' Helper Cloth Diaper Review

Tooling around the web, as I am wont to do, I came across Lil' Helper cloth diapers. I was excited. Not only are they a Canadian company, but they are from Toronto! Also, they were selling a trial diaper for 30% off an no shipping. How on earth could I pass up a deal like that? I really am a sucker for free shipping. A big old sucker. Give me free shipping, I'll probably buy your diaper.

Sorry. Sidetracked. By suckers.

It arrived vacuum packed with a bag of mint tea! Nice!
You get to pick your top three colours, so I went gender neutral. I was pleased to get the chocolate brown diaper - I don't have any in this colour yet. I also chose the charcoal diapers, because again, I don't have any like this. The diapers are made in China, but the package insert reads that they are designed in Canada. The feel of the diapers is great - high quality with well fitting and nicely designed leg elastics. I also like the charcoal - it dries fast and feels very soft.

M likes them a lot! (As does Moz in the background)
The diaper arrived with 2 inserts - of two different sizes. That makes the diaper very customizable, so you will be sure not to get any leaks! (We definitely haven't!).

Perfect fit! Allows her cute little belly to hang over.
All in all, I do like this diaper. It is well fitted without feeling bulky. If I didn't have so many other diapers, I would buy several more of these for my stash.

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