Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Loss of a Loved One

By loss, I mean lost. And by a loved one, I mean little M's Cabbage Patch doll. Affectionately referred to as "baby" (or in M speak "babieees"), we have lost you to the sidewalk somewhere between our house and Chester. Mom actually thought she lost you once before, but M had just hidden you in the pantry. Then Mom did lose you on the walk from daycare to home, but Dad found you laying on the sidewalk, and rescued you with all the valour of a knight in shining armour. Then, last Sunday, Dad lost you for good. At some point during the walk, you were ejected from the stroller and nobody noticed. Dad kept walking. M didn't make a peep. And baby lay on the ground, content, probably taking a nap. Dad was home before he noticed, and the walk was way too long, and we had far too many things to do to retrace his steps.

Full of guilt and doubts about ourselves as good parents, we bought M a new baby. With a stroller and high chair so that hopefully M wouldn't notice that the new baby was not the same as the old baby, even though the new one wasn't a Cabbage Patch doll. 

M noticed, but didn't seem to mind. Thank goodness. 

But now we have to hide the iPhone so she won't see pictures like the one below, and demand her babieeees back. 

Have you ever lost your child's favourite plaything? Did everything turn out ok??

Bye bye, little doll, I hope another child has found you and will love you forever.

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