Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cute Things my Toddler Says

Muriel is sporting vintage Vuarnet shades.

I thought I should document this stuff now, before I forget just how adorable she was!

She asks to have more "sauce" on her toothbrush.

She often gets on her toy horse and says "Bye Guys". When we ask her where she's going she answers "To buy Yayas" (her word for raisins).

Her stuffed rabbit is named "Hose".

Her other stuffed rabbit is named "Hosa".  You face her wrath if you mix them up.

If she hears something strange she says "What's that noise?" Then she'll answer herself, "Raccoons".

If you ask her how much anything costs she'll tell you "Two dollars!"

Usually if you ask her what she wants for dinner she will answer "Pasta and chicken". The other day at daycare she wanted "Cheerios and milk". When I told her that she couldn't have cheerios, she decided she wanted "Beef". So we went to the butcher.

She loves her Grandad so much that she screams his name whenever we video chat with Grandma. Then when he comes on, she becomes a silly goose and does all kinds of crazy dancing and making horse noises.

She demands to watch show tunes on my computer. And cries if denied. Her favourite is "Who am I" from Les Miz.

She likes big trucks and machinery, especially backhoes. She calls them "backhomes". Grandad has one, and when he brought it out for her she was absolutely terrified of it. I guess she only likes them from a distance.

I will add more as I think of them. What adorable things does your child say?

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