Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pregnant Pumpkin

I am done. Fully cooked. Finished. Tired of the pressure on my pubic bone. Tired of even thinking about standing up. Being 31 weeks pregnant is really sucking all of the life out of me. Or maybe it's being pregnant, working full time, finishing school, and raising an energetic toddler. Who knows? All I want to do is sit down with my feet up. And sob.
Instead, I'll sit down with my feet up and vomit my feelings into this blog. And be really happy that my husband is cleaning up the dining room, where we carved a pumpkin tonight.
I'm looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. I figure that trick or treating will go one of two ways: 1) M will refuse to go to anyone's house and we will drag a crying baby to a few of our neighbours... or 2) M will love trick or treating so much we will end up being out for hours. My pregnancy cravings hope for option 2, the glucose that shows up periodically in my urine hopes for option 1. We will see what happens tomorrow.
All right, the laundry is calling, but I am not listening. I think I'll turn in for an early sleep tonight and hope that work isn't too bad tomorrow. Should I wear my costume to work, do you think??
One good thing about pregnancy - cheap n easy costume!!

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  1. Yes, Do It!! Work will love it...The perfect pumpkin!