Thursday, November 20, 2014

Giving Birth at the Toronto Birth Centre

This pregnancy, I am planning to give birth at the  Toronto Birth Centre. If you haven't seen the website, or haven't even heard of it, I urge you to check it out. Apparently it cost 6 million dollars to build, which means that no expense was spared - and it shows!!! The place is absolutely amazing and beautiful. I am so excited to give birth there, it is like an upscale hotel with giant birthing tubs and fireplaces in each room.

Also, and this is a biggy, if I give birth there instead of at home, there will be minimal cleanup involved. Count me in!

The other thing about giving birth at the centre is how family friendly it is. Anyone is welcome to be at the birth with you, it has beautiful waiting rooms, and even a kitchen if you have a hankering for chocolate mouse or your mother-in-law's nut cake at a critical moment during labor or delivery. Also, this means that my daughter can be there playing in the waiting room if I decide she doesn't need to witness the birth.

I actually haven't decided if she will be there at the delivery. A lot depends on timing. If I'm birthing this tiny beast in the middle of the night, we will let little M sleep, oblivious, in her crib. If it is during the day then potentially she will be there.

People have been asking me about my birth plan. This time, I'm really not sure. I keep changing my mind, which is why no birth plan has been written down. I think one reason is because I really feel like I'll give birth any day now. The other thing is that I'm still not done school, so that is kind of taking priority over all thinking matters.

Anyways, did you give birth at a birth centre? How was your experience? And did you let your toddler watch? I'd like some feedback about that because I'm still not sure...

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