Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nursing while 35 Weeks Pregnant

I fear that our nursing relationship has come to an end. For the past few days, M has been nursing for about 2  minutes, unlatching, then informing me that "Milky time is broken".

My nipples are not complaining. They are sore, she bites them, and the nursing itself is not a comfortable thing. I have to keep reminding her to be gentle.

My heart is breaking a little bit.

It has been our ritual to lay in bed every morning and cuddle for 15 minutes while she nurses and snuggles, and we both give and get lots and lots of hugs and kisses.

It's our bonding time.

And while I feared that it might end once the new baby is born, it is pretty hard to take before the new baby has even come.

Also, it seems odd that I would dry up at 35 weeks... if anything, I thought more milk would be coming in at this point.

Maybe it tastes funny, or maybe it is my body getting ready to push this new one out.

Whatever it is, I am very sad to say goodbye to nursing my little toddler. But I made it to two years, exactly what the WHO recommends. And though I know she doesn't need it anymore, and I know it is one step to her becoming more independent, it still seems much more difficult for Mommy than for Child.

Did any of you have any experience drying up at 35 weeks pregnant? I'm going to ask my midwife on Wednesday to see if it is normal...


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