Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Return to Work

Well, it has almost been a week back at work. So far, it kind of seems like nothing has changed since I left. Same old people, same old politics, same old tasks. Which isn't a surprise really, even though I was gone for a year, I still did all of those things for the past 7 years, so they probably won't ever feel 'fresh' again. What has surprised me is how tired I am. While I thought it was tiring chasing after a 1 year old, chasing after blood samples all day is even more tiring. So now when I get home I want to do. Nothing. Nothing at all. Put my feet up. Watch Gilmore Girls and eat caramels. And maybe, just maybe drink a hot beverage...

Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

I know it has been a long time. A year, in fact. One would think that a year of not working would make ma more prolific blogger, but that obviously didn't happen. Instead, I spent a lot of time trying to get a baby to go to sleep. And she still doesn't get it! So I'm thinking I'm going to be spending a lot of time doing this even after I go to work. But now that I will be going back to work I thought that I would also start writing a little bit again. About lots of stuff. Cloth diapers, baby wearing, random rants.
I can't believe my second little girl is already 1. One year old is still a baby, really. She can't walk, can't talk, and can't have a decent nap. But her personality is starting to shine through. She wants us to read the same books over and over again (Spot goes to the Circus and Who said Boo?), she looooooves golden retrievers, and playing with her sister. She pats your back when she hugs you and will fetch a diaper when you ask her nicely. She can point out your nose and your teeth and laughs hysterically when you kiss her neck. Not quite a toddler, but not a little infant.

And to kick things off I thought I would start with a giveaway. How about a package of BumGenius stay dry liners? Enter to win below and happy blog reading!!

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